Accelerating your Rehab...
Enhancing your Lifestyle.
Accelerating your Rehab...
Enhancing your Lifestyle.
Accelerated Physical Therapy

We specialize in...

Orthopedic Disorders
Sports Injuries
Post Operative Surgeries
Neck and Back Disorders
Workmen’s Compensation
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Neurological Injuries
Geriatric Rehabilitation
Gait & Balance Disorders
Joint Replacement Rehab

Our Professional Staff

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Owner Partners
Tracy M. Law, MPT & Alex G. Saratsiotis, MPT

APT is equipped with...

Decompression Traction Unit
(extremely effective in treating neck and back pain)
Nautilus Freedom Trainer
Trainer (allows unlimited ability to treat not only our higher skilled athletes, but a so our general population as well)
Sprint/Walking Track
(unique to this region)
Unique Balance Program
(Developed by our own Staff)

Clients Say...


Heal Faster
...good technique is key to a faster healing.
Recover Stronger
...come back from injury with more stability and good movement habits.
Move without pain
...with our proven guided therapy and exercises.
No referral? No problem!
The state of Georgia allows physical therapists to evaluate and treat a patient for 30 days without a physician referral.

We Proudly Support...

Georgia Southwestern State University

South Georgia Technical College

Sumter County High School

Southland Academy

Macon County High School

Schley County High School

Taylor County High School

Marion County Hight School